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Gardening can be good for your budget

One of the great things about my new book is the low price.   I’ve heard from a lot of people already who’ve told me that they are thrilled this book costs less than $12 at  Click here! The plants covered in the book include perennials, native plants, trees, and shrubs that are easy to grow, and because they are virtually indestructible, they are a great value.   How about that….a book that is inexpensive and plants that are nearly impossible to kill…great way to save!     Best of all, all of the plants I cover in the book adhere to my organic gardening approach and  a lot can work in small space or container gardens.    In this economy, we’re all trying to stretch our dollars, yet keep beauty in our lives.   I wrote the new book to help you do that.

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Let’s Celebrate!

January 7, 2009: Announcing the release of 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants: Tough-but-Beautiful Plants That Anyone Can Grow. Books start shipping today and should be available on-line and in bookstores very soon! In the coming weeks the proud parent (me) will be posting blogs featuring these sustainable, dynamic, easy care, plants perfect for everyone from the new gardener to the seasoned veteran. And they fit our busy lives like that perfect pair of gardening gloves. They provide all the “bling” without the “sting” of hours and hours of work. They possess most if not all of the following traits…

High Impact Traits

*Multi-season Interest

*Colorful Foliage

*Long-Lasting Bloom

*Outstanding Texture

*Architectural Form

Low-Maintenance Sustainable Traits


*Tolerate Heat and Humidity


*Deer Resistant

*Drought Tolerant

*Insect & Disease Resistance

*Minimal or No Deadheading

*No Heavy Fertilizing

*No Staking

*Infrequent or no Division for many years

*Infrequent or no Pruning

What else can we ask for?? So join in the celebration…Happy Birthday 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Plants!

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