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Butchart Gardens in the Winter Lights

Are you feeling the chill of winter? It’s only 9 degrees this morning in Sunbury, Ohio and promises to be even colder the next couple days. Friend and collegue Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti, shared this link (// ) with me last evening. Butchart Gardens is one of the most spectacular gardens I’ve ever visited during the growing season. Who would have thought it would look so incredible with night lighting and snow? I hope this will inspire you to continue to enjoy your garden this time of year even if you can’t work in it. It’s a great time to see the play of forms in the space and just you may realize you need more evergreens to hold the design integrity throug the winter. Enjoy the images of Butchart, bundle up, and grab your cameras and tripods and try a bit of winter night photography in your garden!