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Attention, weekend gardening warriors

Are you staying fit this winter in preparation for all the hard work you’ll face this spring? How’s that 6-pack? And I’m not talking about a six pack of pansies or am I? Now is the time to be strengthening those abs, backs, arms, and legs to avoid aches and pains or worse an injury this spring. Consider working out with me and my triathlon coach Troy Jacobson on the “STRENDURANCE” DVD.  It’s an effective and fun progressive program that can be modified to fit any fitness ability. And the sessions are only 20-30 minutes so they will work into your busy life—no excuses—I even demonstrate proper technique at the beginning of the DVD. Go to and look for “Strendurance”. Also extremely useful in this arena is Bunny Guinness and Jacqueline Knox’s new book “Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness”. “Buff” gardeners rule!!!

A special bonus just for readers of When you go to use coupon code CTA08 for $10.00 off Strendurance now through end of March.