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Art in the garden: Henry Moore

Art in the garden can function in many ways. One way is by creating a focal point or dominance. The Henry Moore’s at the New York Botanical Garden were an incredible example of this. Besides how a piece will function it’s also important to remember the proper scale of art to be effective in a space. The scale of these pieces were perfect with the vast scale of the gardens. (photo) See more about art in the garden in my book The Well-Designed Mixed Garden.

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Have you ever been given as a Christmas gift?

It’s happened to me! People have given my garden design/consulting services as a present. Of course I’m partial but what a great and unique idea!! (Click here to send me an email)  Besides hiring the services of a designer, you could hire a maintenance company for so many hours to help a friend get their garden into shape in 2009. Other upscale gift ideas include commissioning an artist to do a one-of-a-kind piece of art for the garden. What about in copper or glass? Two very talented artists I’ve worked with for pieces for my gardens and clients gardens are Renate Burgyan Fackler (Bronze Sculpture) and Jacob Stout (Glass) Jacob does some amazing pieces that gardeners would appreciate for their homes as well (see photos ).

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