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Stretching $$$ in the garden…a hot topic

Want to save money in the garden? It is a hot topic right now. Click on the MEDIA tab to read some of the recent articles where I have shared a few ideas.

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Talking with Joe Gardener

Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest on Joe Lamp’l’s
“Growing a Greener World” podcast.   I’m sure that many of you know Joe from his role as host on GardenSmart on PBS as well as his appearances on Today, Good Morning America, Victory Garden, etc.  He is a great spokesperson for the gardening world and spending time with him was great fun, so I am repeating Joe’s post from his website about our podcast here so readers of can hear our conversation.

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Recently Joe Lamp’l interviewed award-winning and best-selling author Tracy DiSabato-Aust to discuss her brand new book, 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants. Find out what are the criteria that makes each of these plants pass “Tracy’s test of toughness”. She’s also a popular garden designer and international presenter on perennial gardening, design and sustainability. They also talk about her previous best selling books and more…

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Art in the garden: Henry Moore

Art in the garden can function in many ways. One way is by creating a focal point or dominance. The Henry Moore’s at the New York Botanical Garden were an incredible example of this. Besides how a piece will function it’s also important to remember the proper scale of art to be effective in a space. The scale of these pieces were perfect with the vast scale of the gardens. (photo) See more about art in the garden in my book The Well-Designed Mixed Garden.

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Gardener to gardener: gift touches the heart

I was moved to tears when long time friend and fellow gardener/artist, Janet George-Ward, surprised me with her hand crafted star garden ornament whose colors reflect the colors used in my garden and home. The card that accompanied the carefully packed box reads “When I was doing this new simple design, I thought of you—oh, dear! Not the simple aspect but my visualization of where this design would hang. I see it in a garden, hanging from a tree so that it swings with the breeze. As it swings and turns, the iridescent side shows shimmers of color and the mirror side reflects the garden. This is not a Christmas gift but rather a gift of friendship that happens to be sent during this holy season”. Her visualization comes to life, as shared here, with the star hanging outside my kitchen window in a large Japanese maple. May your spirit be touched by the simple gifts of friendship this season. (Janet George Ward is an outstanding artist who works in a variety of media for both garden and home—this image is of a stained glass window she made for our kitchen. She can be reached at [email protected])

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Have you ever been given as a Christmas gift?

It’s happened to me! People have given my garden design/consulting services as a present. Of course I’m partial but what a great and unique idea!! (Click here to send me an email)  Besides hiring the services of a designer, you could hire a maintenance company for so many hours to help a friend get their garden into shape in 2009. Other upscale gift ideas include commissioning an artist to do a one-of-a-kind piece of art for the garden. What about in copper or glass? Two very talented artists I’ve worked with for pieces for my gardens and clients gardens are Renate Burgyan Fackler (Bronze Sculpture) and Jacob Stout (Glass) Jacob does some amazing pieces that gardeners would appreciate for their homes as well (see photos ).

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