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Gardener to gardener: gift touches the heart

I was moved to tears when long time friend and fellow gardener/artist, Janet George-Ward, surprised me with her hand crafted star garden ornament whose colors reflect the colors used in my garden and home. The card that accompanied the carefully packed box reads “When I was doing this new simple design, I thought of you—oh, dear! Not the simple aspect but my visualization of where this design would hang. I see it in a garden, hanging from a tree so that it swings with the breeze. As it swings and turns, the iridescent side shows shimmers of color and the mirror side reflects the garden. This is not a Christmas gift but rather a gift of friendship that happens to be sent during this holy season”. Her visualization comes to life, as shared here, with the star hanging outside my kitchen window in a large Japanese maple. May your spirit be touched by the simple gifts of friendship this season. (Janet George Ward is an outstanding artist who works in a variety of media for both garden and home—this image is of a stained glass window she made for our kitchen. She can be reached at [email protected])